Name and Surname Position

Jānis  Švirksts

Chair manager, Associate professor, Senior researcher
Iveta Ancāne Principal researcher
Iveta Daugule Lecturer
Donāts Erts

Pofessor, Senior researcher

Ilze Gaile Lecturer
Āris Jansons Researcher, PhD student
Ingars Reinholds Principal researcher
Ženija Roja Associate professor, Senior researcher
Kristīne Parasiga-Parasiņa Lecturer
Valda Valkovska Lecturer, researcher
Gundega Heiberga Laboratory manager

Ergonomic and Human Factor. Impact of Ergonomic Risks on Employee Health and Preventive Measures.

Scientific research is related to the study of physical and mental load of workers in various sectors of the economy. Great importance in research activities is devoted to the human factor in today's changing work environment. Quantitative and qualitative methods are used in research. Objective research methods include the study of muscle fatigue, changes in heart rate, evaluation of applied force, changes in respiratory function during work, etc. Research is also focused on the evaluation of psychosocial risks for employees.


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Recent actual publications:

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