Practical and exciting chemistry classes for pupils

If you are interested in chemistry, its role in everyday life, professional growth in the chemical industry and study opportunities, you simply must attend the classes of the School of Young Chemists (SYC) at the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry. These classes take place in Riga and more than 10 other cities of Latvia. Year on year, the SYC classes are gaining increased popularity amongst the secondary school students, and every year more than 250 motivated pupils take part in them. The purpose of SYC is to promote interest and motivation to study chemistry and other natural sciences.

Pupils have the opportunity to deepen and expand the knowledge and skills of chemistry acquired at school, as well as to improve their research, collaboration, communication and IT skills. During the classes, the pupils learn about future career and growth opportunities, as well as professions that require knowledge of chemistry. Each class also includes practical work, offers the opportunity to participate in discussions, go on excursions and attend other chemistry-related events.

Due to the restrictions for curbing the pandemic, in 2020/2021 the classes are organized only for the pupils of the 11th and 12th grades. Classes take place from October to April, once a month, mostly on the first Saturdays of the month at the UL House of Nature, at 10:00–14:00. SYC graduates obtain a certificate that gives them 20 additional points when entering the UL bachelor's study programme "Chemistry".