Diploma recognized in Europe and endorsed by quality labels

The bachelor's and master's study programmes of the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry have been awarded the European Thematic Network Association (ECTNA) quality labels – the Eurobachelor in Chemistry and Euromaster in Chemistry.

Extensive opportunities in contemporary labour market

Graduates of the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry work in companies and scientific institutions as chemists, scientific assistants or researchers. Graduates can also build a career in research quality control laboratories using the latest technologies.

Cooperation with employers

The University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry has an extensive cooperation network with Latvian industrial companies and scientific institutes, such as joint stock company “Olainfarm”, joint stock company “Grindeks”, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, and others, which already during the studies provides students with the opportunity to be in close contact with industry professionals and actively participate in implementation of contemporary scientific research.

Research for development of new synthetic products

Latvian researchers are actively developing new medications. Students of our faculty are also involved in research. Viktorija Vitkovska, a doctoral student at the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry, with the support of the University of Latvia Foundation and in cooperation with the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, develops anti-cancer medication to destroys cancer cells without causing adverse side effects. In the development of her doctoral dissertation, under the guidance of Professor Dr. chem. Edgars Sūna, structurally new but simplified structural analogues of diazonamide A are synthesized and studied, which could be used for the development of anticancer agents.

Highly professional academic staff and guest lecturers

The core of the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry teaching staff consists of highly qualified scientists, researchers and industry specialists who supplement their knowledge by visiting partner universities abroad, as well as participating in various industry seminars. In 2019, Professor Arūnas Ramanavičius of the Faculty of Chemistry of Vilnius University joined the faculty and gave lectures. The professor regularly conducts classes in bachelor's and master's programmes, as well as provides classes for doctoral students in several study courses. Our graduate and current researcher of the Technical University of Graz, Doctor of Chemistry Matīss Reinfelds, also visits the faculty, presenting classes in the study course “Organic Chemistry” on topical issues of photochemistry.

Support for teachers and participation in the educational support project "Mācītspēks"

Representatives of various fields can become teachers under the auspices of the unique educational project “Mācītspēks”. Its name in English could be translated as “Power to Teach”, and it is implemented by the University of Latvia, the University of Liepaja and Daugavpils University in cooperation with the foundation “Iespējamā misija” under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science. The participants of this project can work at a school and receive a teacher's salary, a study grant and, in parallel, study at a university, gaining a teacher's qualification and support for their professional development. As a result of this project, the schools will be able to employ 100 new and skilled teachers, which will complement and strengthen the existing network of Latvian teachers. Lecturers of the Faculty of Chemistry participate in this project in the training of chemistry teachers.

Training of future specialists

The School of Young Chemists established at the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry organizes classes for pupils. The aim is to kindle an interest in acquiring knowledge and skills in chemistry, providing insights and knowledge in addition to what the pupils have learned at school. The groups under the auspices of the School of Young Chemists operate in more than 10 Latvian cities, led by our lecturers and the most talented students. To mark a successful participation in the School of Young Chemists, the secondary school graduates obtain a certificate issued by the University of Latvia, granting them additional points when entering the bachelor's degree programme “Chemistry” at the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry.

Student self-government – the future for your creative growth

In terms of the number of students, the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry is one of the smallest faculties in the university, however, it is no obstacle to establishment and development of its traditions. “The Chemists” have their own student self-government, in this organization students work voluntarily, listening to and taking into account the ideas, suggestions and criticism of teachers and other students. Student self-government is the main organizer of the faculty's events and upholder of traditions to ensure that during the studies, everyone could acquire the memories of lifetime happily recalled throughout the years. The traditional annual event “Days of Chemists”, organized by the student self-government is the most important happening for the entire faculty.