Chair of  Analytical Chemistry

Improvement of air aerosol analysis methods; assessment of pollution emitted by various sources in the urban environment and indoors

Physico-chemical research of Latvian bioarchaeological materials

Development of analytical methods for water, soil and biological objects using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Synthesis and analytical research of new hydroxyapatites

Development of sensitive analytical methods based on high-resolution mass spectrometry and application of developed technologies for research of food and environmental objects

Chair of Physical Chemistry

Investigations into the formation of crystalline phases, physical properties, transformations, structure and crystallization process of organic solids

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and Labour Protection

Impact of ergonomic risks on employee health; working environment risks and employee health

Researching the functionality of natural science educational processes

Chair of Organic Chemistry

Environmentally friendly chemistry