The University of Latvia (UL) Faculty of Chemistry (FC) is the centre for academical and professional education in chemistry, where students work toward becoming professional chemists, labour protection specialists or teachers of science and mathematics. The UL FC teaching staff consists of highly qualified scientists, researchers and industry specialists. The faculty has established an extensive cooperation network with leading research institutes and industry companies in Latvia, enabling the students to establish a close contact with industry professionals and actively participate in advanced scientific research. The faculty offers a number of study programmes: Chemistry Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes, which have obtained European quality labels – Eurobachelor in Chemistry in 2012 and Euromaster in Chemistry in 2017. The faculty students also have ample opportunities to participate in Erasmus exchange programmes in more than 20 countries. Student life at the faculty is particularly exciting – students organize a variety of events, its sports days enjoy a great popularity, as do "Volleyball Night", various experimental shows, balls and, of course, the traditional "Days of Chemists ", which are celebrated for more than 50 years.