Dear students and employees of the University of Latvia (UL), for a successful start of the new study year, all the valuable ideas and tasks will be remembered and implemented, if they are written down in the new planner!  

The planner contains the academic calendar, a convenient spread showing the monthly report, the weekly plan ensures a good overview and provides sufficient space to write down current work and tasks. The planner contains information about the university, and each working week will start with a new, useful insight. We hope that the planner will also reinforce belonging to UL community.

A novelty – the planner is available in two languages – Latvian and English – to enable the students from abroad to use it. The planner also makes a good gift to foreign cooperation partners to be given when welcoming guests and going to conferences or exchange studies.

The planner is available in three colours – classic blue, light blue and light green.

UL planners can be purchased at the UL Info Centre, Raiņa bulvāris 19.

The price of the planner is 6.55 EUR.